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Item: TheraClense®  9-Piece Deluxe
          Home Hydrotherapy System

Main Unit
• All-purpose Rotating Cleansing/   Exfoliating Brush
• Extra- Long 80" Shower Hose
• Remountable Vacuum Mount   Bracket
• Showerhead Adapter/Diverter
• Aromatherapy Dispenser in   Showerhead

...plus 4 additional rotating attachments:
• Wooden Fingers Massager
• Firmer/ Massager Sponge
• Facial Brush
• Pumice Foot Scrubber

Cat #: BA-0047
Compare At: $39.95
BLOW-OUT: $29.49!

Order TheraClense Deluxe Hydrotheropy System

How to refill TheraClense Hydrotherapy System TheraClense Facial Massage TheraClense foot massage TheraClense back massage

Experience a hydromassage with TheraClense® Home Hydrotherapy System!

Effortless Skin Cleansing & Exfoliation... TheraClense™ cleanses and exfoliates automatically as you shower or bathe. Just steer TheraClense™ to desired area and thousands of rotating bristles instantly lift and remove impurities and dead skin under a continuous flow of water. TheraClense™ is so gentle on sensitive skin, it is ideal for facial cleansing and removal of makeup and facial masks.

Shower Aromatherapy Application... TheraClense™ makes it possible to enjoy daily Aromatherapy treatments as you shower. Just add essential oils into showerhead dispenser and breathe therapeutic vapors and aromas every time you shower.

Invigorating Therapeutic Massage... Unlike pulsating shower massages that just spray water, TheraClense™ makes it possible to self-administer a real therapeutic massage with little time or effort. Rotating powerhead automatically massages your entire body, toning, firming, and re-texturing muscles and cellulite-prone areas.

Moisturizes Instantly While You Shower... TheraClense™ moisturizes your body automatically, as you clean, exfoliate and massage. Simply fill your favorite shower gel or bath oil into the built-in dispenser and moisturizers can be evenly applied over your entire body, including hard-to-reach back and feet. No more long after-shower moisturizing rituals!

Lightweight, Compact and Maintenance-Free... Connects by hand in minutes to any existing showerhead or hand shower or in place of it. No tools required. Made in USA. Comes with 2-year Manufacturers Warranty and unconditional 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Other Exciting Attachments... Choose from a variety of other relaxing, invigorating attachments:loofahs, sponges, tub brush and more!

***FREE SHIPPING via USPS for ALL Attachments Below***
TheraClense Disposable Sponges
TheraClense Disposable Loofahs
TheraClense Facial Massager
TheraClense Wooden Finger Massager
Item: 6-pk Disposable           Sponges
Cat. #: DRS

OUR PRICE: $4.49!
Item: 6-pk Disposable           Loofahs
Cat. #: DRL

OUR PRICE: $5.49!
Item: Facial Firmer/            Massager
Cat. #: FMS

OUR PRICE: $2.49! ea.
Item: Wooden Finger           Massager
Cat. #: WFM

OUR PRICE: $2.49! ea.
Order TheraClense Disposable Sponge
Order TheraClense Disposable Loofahs
Order TheraClense Facial Massager
Order TheraClense Wooden Finger Massager
TheraClense Facial Cleansing Brush TheraClense Pumice Foot Scrubber TheraClense Tub /  Utility Brush TheraClense Cleansing / Exfoliating Brush
Item: Facial Cleansing           Brush
Cat. #: FCB

OUR PRICE: $2.49! ea.
Item: Pumice Foot           Scrubber
Cat. #: PFS

OUR PRICE: $2.49! ea.
Item: Tub/Utility
Cat. #: TUB

OUR PRICE: $3.49! ea.
Item: Cleansing/
          Exfoliating Brush
Cat. #: CEB

OUR PRICE: $3.49! ea.
Order TheraClense Facial Cleansing Brush Order TheraClense Pumice Foot Scrubber OrderTheraClense Tub / Utility Brush Order TheraClense Cleansing / Exfoliating Brush
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