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Litter Box

Litter Box
With The
Push Of
A Button!


The new Catmouse electronic litterbox odor eliminator
ZAP...Odors Gone!
No one will ever "smell" you have a cat!

Cat. #: CM-X1
PRICE: $39.95

**Order the NEW CatMouse***
The Ultimate Electronic Scent & Litterbox Odor Eliminator

All Natural • Perfect for Pets!

• NEW Pearl Finish
No filters to buy or replace
• It really works!
• Includes power adapter
• Easily maintained
• Includes mounting kit & User   Guide


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The Highest Rated Litter Box Deodorizer!

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Replacement Parts


Naturally Eliminates Litter Box Odors With The Push Of A Button

NEW! Introducing The Most Powerful Deodorizing Machine For The Investment
On Earth...
CatMouse MULTIPET Room Deodorizer

multipet• NOW in Grey
• Deodorize areas up
  to 500 square feet
• Oxyions attach    themselves to
   odors & oxidize
• Comes with wall &   auto adapter
• Includes mounting kit
• No filters to buy or replace - completely cleanable
• Perfect for multiple pet households
• 12" w x 7" d x 3.75" h
• Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Cat. #CM-MP
Price: $99.95 **OUT OF STOCK**

**Order the NEW CatMouse***

  Oxyion FreshnessUtilize the same natural disinfecting ionizing power as that of sunshine for a cleaner, safer, happier home with CatMouse™ – The World's Most Purrfect Litter Box And Pet Area Deodorizer!

Simply install the CatMouse™ near or on, your litter box!

Each CatMouse™ can
Deodorize & Sanitizeup to a 50 sq. ft. area (approx. 7' x 7')

Heavy duty, feature- rich, reliable unit for long-term operation and scent elimination!




StarNewsOnline.com, June 2008 - Clean Kitty's Air The Natural Way
Cat Owners Less Likely To Die...
Healthier Hearts For Cat Owners...

Exclusive, Safe OXYION Scent Elimination Output!

The CatMouse™ Destroys:
Odors Bacteria Germs Viruses Mold Mildew Ammonia Fungi and More
...Plus produces healthy Negative Ions!

It is the Fastest, Easiest, Safest & Most Effective way to eliminate all types of household odors and improve health!
PLUS...produces abundant Negative Ions for a Happier Cat and Home!
  • Click Here For A Printable CatMouse™ User Guide
  • Click Here For Printable CatMouse™ Information
Eliminate toxic, expensive chemicals for a cleaner,
safer environment

$ave Money & Your World!

The CatMouse™ is nature's own miracle deodorizer for hundreds of other uses:
• All Pet Areas
• Hunting Gear
• Closets
• Hampers
• Briefcases
• Diaper Pails
• Gym Bags
• Shoes
• Garbage Cans
• Dresses
• Suits
• Purses
• Wallets/Money
• Cell Phones
• Hunting Gear
• Watches/Keys
• Jackets
• MP3 Players
• Cameras
• Books
• Pantries
• Even Food
• Magazines
• & Much More!
• Additional List Included
  In User Guide

What CatMouse Can Do
The CatMouse™
Literally Eats Odors!

Odors Gone!


CatMouse Features & Benefits
Only the CatMouse™ delivers highly effective & safe "Oxyions", utilizes an easily removable, cleanable electronic emitter & an easily positionable remote power supply. It's so unique, patents are pending on the CatMouse™!

Negative Ions And Animals
Some of the most impressive benefits Negative Ions have to do with animal behavior. Research shows that animals breathing an abundance of air filled with negative ions have decreased anxiety and a normalization of pertinent brain chemistry measurements. This was shown to have a positive effect on animal behavior overall.
No Batteries To Buy/
Replace Ever!
Convenient Repositionable
Mounting Strips and Wall Hanger Included

Fast • Easy • Safe
Effective • Clean

The only lasting byproduct is Oxygen!

CUL logo

Certified to meet
FDA, EPA, OSHA & NIOSH Regulations
Lead-Free RoHS Compliant

Emits healthy natural negative ions for a happier, healthier cat

CatMouse Replacement Parts (Current Models)
Stainless Steel
Silver Emitter
Access Cover
Grey 120VAC
Power Supply
CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Emitter cover New Grey Adapter for CatMouse

Cat #: CM-0010-01
OUR PRICE: $9.95
**Buy 1 Get 1 FREE**

Cat #: CM-0010-02-Silver
OUR PRICE: $2.95

Cat #: CM-0010-04-Grey
OUR PRICE: $9.95

CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now
12VDC Car Adapter 220VAC Power Supply Mounting Kit
Car Adapter 220V adapter for CatMouse mounting kit catmouse
   - Repositionable Strip
   - Screw & Anchor
   - Mounting Nail
Cat #: CM-0010-05
OUR PRICE: $5.95

Cat #: CM-0010-08
OUR PRICE: $12.95

Cat #: CM-0010-09
OUR PRICE: $3.95

CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now
Maintenance Kit w/
Silver Emitter Access Cover
CatMouse Maintenance Kit    
  - (2) Stainless Steel     Emitters
  - Silver Emitter Access     Cover

Cat #: CM-0010-11-Silver
OUR PRICE: $11.95

CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now    
CatMouse Replacement Parts (Older Models)
Black Emitter
Access Cover
Black 120VAC
Power Supply
Maintenance Kit w/
Black Emitter Access Cover
Emitter cover 120VAC CatMouse Replacement Part CatMouse Maintenance Kit
  - (2) Stainless Steel     Emitters
  - Black Emitter Access     Cover

Cat #: CM-0010-02-Black
OUR PRICE: $2.95

Cat #: CM-0010-04
OUR PRICE: $9.95

Cat #: CM-0010-11-Black
OUR PRICE: $11.95

CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now
Diffuser Wicks Pheromone Diffuser
Basket & Lid Assembly
CatMouse Diffuser Wicks Replacement Part CatMouse Basket with lid assembly  

Cat #: CM-0010-07
OUR PRICE: $2.95

Cat #: CM-0010-03
OUR PRICE: $3.95
CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now CatMouse Stainless Steel Emitter Order Now  

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